Don't Be Knotty!® is a massage & bodywork practice unlike any other in the DMV.

Our signature “wellness cocktail” mixes Intentional Breath, Visualization, Massage, Reflexology, Essential Oil Therapy, and Reiki into one session.

So how does that benefit you? By choosing to mix therapies, we address your whole health: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Energetic, so that every aspect of what makes you, you, has been assessed, nurtured and balanced.

  • Stress, counteracted.
  • Toxins, eliminated.
  • Inflammation, reduced.
  • Pain, managed.

You will leave knowing that there is a comprehensive wellness regimen unique to you ready to implement to get you phenomenal results.



 In the News!


 Don't Be Knotty! was named one of the Top 12 Favorite Independent Massage Therapists by Washingtonian Magazine! How great is that?!